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Introducing MOVE Network

Updated: May 25

Excitement and interest surrounding Non-fungible Tokens (“NFT”) has attracted considerable attention from new and existing market participants since the start of 2021. Of the 10 largest coins by market cap, the average and median returns in March were +400% and +343% respectively. Some notable NFT transactions include the Kings of Leon becoming the first band to release an album as an NFT, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey selling the first ever Tweet as an NFT for over $2M, the artist Beeple selling NFT artwork for $69M and both Dapper Laps and Enjin coin completing multi-million dollar raises. These examples speak to the current excitement around the vertical and how NFTs are changing the blockchain ecosystem.

NFTs have completely disrupted the global marketplace and have redefined the meaning of “value”. Perhaps no industry has been impacted greater by the proliferation of NFTs than entertainment. Particularly, as it relates to Music, Gaming, Art and Film.

The problem, however, is that NFTs are decentralized by their very nature and current market players offer little oversight related to verification. This can result in accounts being compromised and hacked. Additionally, current solutions are not energy efficient, resulting in significant and unnecessary energy consumption.

MOVE Network was created to solve these issues (and more…) as a developer-friendly blockchain that is highly energy-efficient and highly secured. It provides the efficiency required for conventional applications and sets the foundation for whole worlds of user applications, beginning with NFT tickets, NFT trading, Truly Endangered Masterpiece (TEM). Under TEM, all IPs are published in limited edition. Once the TEM is being browsed, it will be destroyed automatically by the smart contract over the MOVEchain.

Our global executive team and advisory board have deep roots in Music, Gaming, Art and Film, which affords MOVE ownership of diversified IP and access to unique NFT offerings. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to capture value today by using blockchain technologies. MOVE Network has two key product features: 1) MOVE Market; and 2) MOVEChain

What is MOVE Market?

MOVE Market is the first application to support NFT development on MOVE Network. It can support ERC-20 and MOVD, allowing users to access NFT tickets and multi-media NFT trading platforms.

MOVE Market offers NFT collectors an ecosystem to securely maintain unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place. This is a one-stop-shop solution for end-users’ cryptographic token assets to be an attractive medium for virtual trading.

Active MOVD token users on the MoveMarket will be the earliest to access the upcoming MoveMarket beta version.

What is MOVEChain?

MOVEChain (MC) is a Smart Chain which is EVM-compatible, to create a flexible affordability for assets from different chains can be used in the growing Defi space. We support:

  • Low Gas Fee NFT Creation

  • Cross-Chain NFT Trading

  • IPFS Storage

  • Telecom Company Nodes

What is MOVD?

MOVD is the MOVE Network’s native token, the only token for staking, governance, and payment of transactions, as well as the network’s primary reserve asset. A few benefits that users can get include:

  • Settle and Fund Transactions

  • Blindbox Unlock

  • Platform & Community Governance

  • Access to Presale and Exclusive Sale

  • NFT Creation


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