MOVE Network Raises US$1.5 Million in Seed Round by SMO Capital, The H Collective, DragonRoark Ve...

Updated: May 25

MOVE Network Raises US$1.5 Million in Seed Round by SMO Capital, The H Collective, DragonRoark Venture, and Soul Capit.

Progressive Crypto Company Will Use the Fund to Expand Globally as the World's

Leading Aggregator of NFTs.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / MOVE Network, a blockchain crypto

start-up, announces today the closure of its seed financing round investment

of 1.5 million US Dollars by SMO Capital, The H Collective, DragonRoark

Venture which is a partner fund of DraperDragon, and Soul Capital. The

financing will be used to fund MOVE Network's continued global expansion and

for further development of its proprietary blockchain technology platform.

MOVE Network was co-founded and is led by experienced serial entrepreneurs:

Mr Ricky Ng, Co-founder, Chairman and current Group CEO of Aladdin Technology

Group; Adam Jacobs, Co-founder and former Founder of Strike; Daniel Bokun,

Co-founder and President of MOVE Network; Evan Kubes, Co-founder and President

of MKM Group.

"We are excited as this seed investment will provide MOVE Network expansive

resources, ownership of diversified IP and the ability to provide access to

unique NFT offerings for new and existing market participants." said Ricky Ng.

"The MOVE ecosystem is designed to support the upcoming NFT big wave with

different blockchain solutions. Cross-chain solutions are our major cut-in

point for NFT in the next phases."

"MOVE has begun the process to be publicly listed in 2021, enabling additional

investors access to this highly sought-after technology. The added investment

and partnership with The H Collective will create continued value for the film

industry, by giving filmmakers access to a new and growing channel of

exposure. Our MOVE Network will provide IP creators with ultimate control over

their assets, security and peace of mind for transactions done on the MOVE

Market - where exclusive content can be bought, sold, and traded by end-users

using cryptographic token assets across a multitude of IP categories including

entertainment, music, artwork and sports." said Daniel Bokun.

NFTs have completely disrupted the global marketplace and have redefined the

meaning of ‘value'. MOVE Network is capitalizing on this growth by supporting

industries to be more adoptive in using its NFT ecosystem. "Perhaps no

industry has been impacted greater by the proliferation of NFTs than

entertainment. We are extremely excited about the investment into MOVE Network

to launch the NFT project," said Kent Huang, Founder of The H Collective.

"Several companies have approached us about investment on NFT projects. We see

much potential in NFT and believe that the growth of streaming services is

causing a shift away from private film ownership in the film industry." With

the explosive growth of the NFT ecosystem in 2021, MOVE Network sets out to be

the largest global NFT aggregator, and a low cost, secure and highly

energy-efficient platform to support the fast-expanding NFT ecosystem.

"What attracted us to the MOVE Network is their product experience, management

team and extensive IP licensing. This combination gives MOVE Network a unique

value proposition over their peers. SMO is very proud to be a seed investor

and is excited to be able to leverage our mutual networks for adding even more

value to existing businesses and partnership." said Paul Howard, Managing

Partner of SMO Capital.

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About MOVE Network

MOVE Network sets out to be the world's largest NFT aggregator covering a wide

spectrum of NFT products. MOVE Network allows enterprises and start-ups to

capture value today by using blockchain technologies to trade, stake, create

and auction assets. The MOVE Network comprises of the MOVE market, the $MOVD

token and the MOVE Chain. Users can use MOVE Network to own NFT IPs covering

entertainment, music, artwork and also eSports. The MOVE team collaborates

with different IP distribution partners for NFT issuance in Asia and North


About The H Collective

Founded in June 2017, The H Collective is a comprehensive and independent film

corporation with businesses including film and television production, film and

television financing, marketing and distribution as well as the operational

management for IPs, with original English language IPs as its core. It focuses

on films and televisions, recreational industry, and cultural industry.

About SMO Capital

SMO Capital is an Asia-based venture capital firm specializing in small- to

mid-cap crypto project launches. With experience of almost ten years in

blockchain technologies and partners across Asia, Europe and US, SMO Capital

takes an active role in building businesses. SMO's recent focus has been on

infrastructure, DeFi and NFT companies in Greater Bay Area and beyond.

About DragonRoark Venture

Established in March of 2006, DFJ DragonFund was the joint venture between the

internationally recognized venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ)

and DragonVenture, which provided pioneer venture capital in China in the late

90's. Since its inception, DFJ DragonFund managed two US Dollar funds "DFJ

DragonFund I" & "DFJ DragonFund II" and one RMB fund. In 2014, the DFJ Global

Network rebranded as the Draper Venture Network. With the launch of its 3rd US

Dollar fund in 2016, DFJ DragonFund henceforward became known as DragonRoark.

DragonRoark is a sector agnostic early-stage fund. It looks for companies with

innovative technologies and business models with market appeal in Silicon

Valley and in China. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with management and

consulting offices in Shanghai, China, DragonRoark commands substantial

resources and capabilities developed over two decades of venture capital


About Soul Capital

Soul Capital is a family-owned private entrepreneurial company which focuses

on investing in innovative and emerging technologies and internet companies

with ingenious ideas. Its investment ranges from early-stage companies with

great potentials to later-stage companies which stand at a leading position in

their respective industries. Soul Capital's main investment regions include

the United States, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Its

international connections grant Soul Capital access to high quality and

exclusive deals with great potential. Soul Capital believes that advances and

improvements in technology bring disruptive innovation and create the biggest

investment opportunities. Other than fundamentals, Soul Capital pursues growth

of capital by evaluating the investment target's team and values which are the

essence of every company. Picking the right business run by the right

management team is its core investment philosophy.

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